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Email from: Anonymous

Please add Deism to your site.

Answer to: Anonymous

Thank you for your support, Deist results will now be displayed upon finishing the quiz. Deist page has been created also.

Find My Religion Staff Anything that would make people nicer, in any way, is a good thing to us.

Email from: Willow

I do not really have a religion. I do believe that all animals and plants are better than humans. ( All humans to something wrong to stop the cycle of life) (( We have to eat but I mean to kill something and not eat it)) ANYWAY! I was wondering if that would be considered a religion. I do not believe in god(s)

Answer to: Willow

Thank you for contacting us. Not having a religion, in your case means that you make your own choices on whats right and wrong. I know of a few people who think the way you do about animals. I have met some people who truly believe that the human race is more like a bacteria than other animals. I can say that while some people are more like a virus, some are not. As for us here at Find My Religion, we think the same as you. Killing for sport should be considered wrong but, it takes the world to change that. We would not consider your position a religion. In our eyes we would call it having compassion for animals. Anything that would make people nicer, in any way, is a good thing to us.

Find My Religion Staff


Could y'all set up links to sites that could possibly "point" you into the direction of the religion you more than likely should practice. That would be very useful. Or maybe have a section on this site that had a guide to give yourself direction. Please and thank you.

Answer to: Xavier

Thank you for your question. While its hard to maintain links to other sites because you never know when that site will go down or be a dead link, we will look in to sites that may show some long term potential. As for a spot on our site that that can guide you, or at least start you off, each page has some pdf links to give you more reading material. Lets assume that you were said to be secular, then you would want to go to the Atheism page In the far right side column, there are links to PDFs. There will always be new files added. We are hoping to add video also. Thank you again Xavier!

Find My Religion Staff


Quiz is poor. It often offers multiple ideas in one choice, meaning that if you agree with one but disagree strongly with the the other statement then you are forced to pick a different answer altogether which does not really reflect your beliefs. For example "Men and women created as one being and split and therefore should be treated equally. Unless gay." Adding that "unless gay" immediately forces the 93% of Jews who aren't Orthodox and even many or most of the Orthodox to make another choice, when otherwise it would have been the perfect answer. And since the topic was GENDER, not sexual orientation, why are any comments about orientation even included there? Red herring.

Answer to: Sarah

Sarah, Thank you for your response. We are sorry that you feel this way about the quiz but, the reason the quiz is worded that way is because it is based on religious text, not an interpretation of the text. The question you are referring to is about equality. In this case, as you refer to Jews, the text does say that women and men should be treated equal except if you are gay, then the rules change. We understand that while some or maybe even most of the questions have extra parts or 1 thing added that people would disagree with. This is why the quiz was made. As we state on the main page, This is not to see what religion you are but, rather see how your own thoughts fit into different beliefs. We understand that while people may say they are Christian, Jewish or (put any religion here), we see that people have taken a step away from literal teachings and once again, another reason we made this quiz. When people start disregarding parts of their religion, they start moving towards a different belief system. Our overall goal is to help people align what they actually believe with Religious text, we don’t believe that people should cherry pick just the good stuff out of a religion, it may be ok for people to do that, we don’t feel that it is an honest approach to holding a belief. Thank you again,

Find My Religion Staff


Asatru / Heathenism is not listed... this is really a Christian Site... why ask specific questions about "Jesus" and NO OTHER demi-gods. This is a sham.

Answer to: Jim

Jim, We appreciate that you took the time to contact with your concerns about our website and I will address those concerns now. You stated in your e-mail that "Asatru / Heathenism are not listed..." According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world and we would like nothing better than to have all of them on our website however, we have a very small staff here that volunteers their time, hence the donate button to help motivate them to continue adding religions to the site. "This is really a Christian Site..." this is easy to answer, not just no but HELL NO! Why ask specific questions about "Jesus" and NO OTHER demi-gods. what question are you referring too? I do not see any specific question about Jesus. As for the demi-gods, there are literally thousands upon thousands of gods, goddesses, demi-gods, deities, and flying pink unicorns to make it practical to incorporate them all into our quiz. "This is a sham." everyone has an opinion, yours just happens to be wrong. Referring back to the first sentence before the quiz, “This questionnaire is not like others. This is not to see what religion you are but, rather see how your own thoughts fit into different beliefs“. The website delivers exactly what it states, therefore is not a sham. Thank you very much for your response.

Find My Religion Staff


Will you be adding any of the varied Alien beliefs to your quiz?

Answer to: Nessy

Thank you for your message! As a matter of fact, the team at Find My Religion have been looking in to a few different belief systems that do deal with aliens. We are trying to figure out the best way to go about adding these because the beliefs vary quite a bit. If you or anyone else knows some names of these religions, that would be helpful because it does appear that there are only two that we can find with names and the others are a bit more obscure. We would like to make sure we have the best information available to build our questions based on the religious text.

Find My Religion Staff

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